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Feelings of nostalgia

May 5, 2010

With my impending pregnancy about to finally bear fruit – not literally of course, I mean I am but weeks away from ejecting from my cervix (yes I do mean cervix, all part of the unusual – and to perhaps many hideous – experiment I have found myself caught up in) another Human. Although I might imagine that passing say for example a grapefruit, might be equally discomforting. (Note to self – human beings that might be able to produce fruit and vegetables from their own body, look into further!)

However, this imminent arrival of a fresh young life, or Subject CH03mk2 as I planning to name it, has led me this week to look back, somewhat nostalgically at my own formative years. A carefree child, with none of the pressures and responsibilities of my adult life – I thought it might be of interest to you my dear blog reader to get a brief insight, into the early musings and development of my soon to be superior brain. Indeed this very blog is by no means the first record of my thoughts and genius, rather precociously I have been keeping a journal since I was two and a half, although here for you I shall limit disclosure to my teenage ramblings, before being mostly crayon drawings of estranged father figures and red fire engines .

So for the first time outside of the elegant scribblings of my own fair hand in a number of catalogued and indexed moleskin notebooks – I present over the course of the next few days, extracts from CHARLE HUMAN: THE STUDENT YEARS…


The Internet – what a waste of time?

March 4, 2010

Who here can’t honestly say they’ve not whiled away hours on end, idly browsing the internet looking at nothing in particular. As a Professor and budding writer of romantic fiction (what can I say – in my pregnant state I have rather unexpectedly given into my female side) there can be no greater distraction. When I sit down at my laptop, boot up, and contemplate what it is I’m about to start writing, inevitably I momentarily click on the world wide web icon.

First there are the e-mails to check and reply too. Followed by  the morning browse of  news websites to keep abreast of current affairs. I like to take a quick check of the weather satellites. Then catch up on last nights television with the various replay services that now exist. I often browse You Tube, holding a particularly strange fascination for amusing videos of dogs driving cars.

None of this begins to include the daily download of music, which can require some trawling through various file sharing websites to find exactly what I am looking for. (This week I was pleased to finally track down a copy of 1987’s Keep Your Distance by Curiosity Killed The Cat – ah that takes me back to some happy times!)

And of course somewhere in amongst all of this, I also have to have a massive masturbate over the substantial amount of free erotica, found in every corner of the internet and that caters to just about every known perversion and sexual quirk mankind can possibly dream up. And frankly some we couldn’t have envisaged even in our wildest dreams – or indeed nightmares.

It’s a wonder I have time to finish writing this blog…