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What a load of COX

March 31, 2010

Who in the name of Darwin is this overnight science sensation??!

This-this-this…Brian Cox.

Where has he come from? I follow everyone, EVERYONE, in the science world closely. Some extremely closely, and consequently have a few pending restraining orders to show for it. But this Brian COX figure has literally materialized from nowhere. One minute, there I was (me, Professor Charles HUMAN) together with a few of the usual suspects – leading the UK if not the world in scientific observations, discussions and elaborate experiments, our collective faces etched in the zeitgeist, like a modern day Mount Rushmore only in the UK, probably Dover somewhere – the next minute, a young SPERM of a professor surfaces and all of a sudden is heralded as the next best thing in the science world: flavour of the year by the looks of it, at least with the B-B-Bloody-C. I don’t know if this sudden detraction from REAL science is linked to a recent bout of criticism directed towards my apparently ‘unnecessary’ experiments – for example, my successful training of a chimpanzee to photocopy, fax and collate documents was mocked in the February issue of “Live Science 2010” – or last week when I produced a tasty new cheese using rabbit’s milk, nobody showed the slightest interest (except Tesco’s who have yet to reply).

Anyway, as for COX, I’ve yet to see the little pre-pubescent fellow demonstrate anything of scientific value…to me anyway. We’ll see what the future brings – only time will tell… (unless he plans to reinvent that too!!)