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Down, down, deeper and down

February 24, 2010

Despite the mood swings that inevitably come with being pregnant, I am not usually  a man to suffer from depression. The world is far too an exciting place to ever consider getting bored or down. I regularly jump out of bed every morning, with a bounce in my step, my mind positively fizzing with the scientific discoveries and possibilities that wait to fill it that day.

Unfortunately it would appear I can’t always say the same about my work colleagues.  Here at the Human Institute I work above many fine brains, all hand picked by me for their expertise in science and volleyball. One such fellow I have known and enjoyed the company of for some three years now. We were bought together over a project that involved experimentation on the statistical probability of dropping a cat, with a piece of buttered bread strapped to it’s back (butter side up!) off the top of a building to create a working model in perpetual motion.

I won’t deny a certain amount of admiration and idolisation, of this tall, strapping curly haired peer. I think we both saw in each other kindred spirits, and shared the same dedication and enthusiasm for our jobs. Imagine my surprise then, when only last year – quietly expectant of us embarking on another scientific adventure together, he up sticks and leaves to ‘travel’ for six months. I heard nothing more of him, until a sudden call before Christmas alerted me to the fact that he was indeed back, and had actually been occupying his office next door to mine, for some three to four months.

I of course had moved on. But the prospect of working with him once more, proved too irresistible a lure – and so it was that I dove into the New Year with a full plate of work and a ravenous appetite! My comrade in science’s enthusiasm, however, had to say the least, somewhat dimmed. Every morning they would come in, morose, angry, generally miserable at the very thought of being in work. Being in OUR work. No matter what I said, or how light I tried to make the situation, seemingly nothing could alleviate their dark cloud. Even the book I have on amusing sexual diseases failed to raise the usual smiles.

Can it be having an affect the wintery months? Some bereavement I am unaware of? Or the experiment we are currently immersed in, involving suppression of the male sexual drive? I have in fairness, due to my pregnant state, been hiding my test tablets in the plant pot in the corner of the lab, or at least when he’s not looking slipping them into his tea.

I think I can hear him crying next door…