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Can’t we talk about something else?

April 29, 2010

It has come to my attention of recent that I might be BORING some people. That my only chosen topic of conversation is Science, and that I find it difficult to converse with people regards absolutely any other subject matter.

The simple fact is of course, that I don’t fill my brain with the inane things that seems to make up a large part of most ordinary peoples heads.

I don’t watch TV. I don’t watch films. I don’t read fictional books. I rarely listen to music. I can’t and won’t cook. I don’t spend hours worshipping some false God. I wear the same set of clothes constantly (much like Einstein I believe you will find – however I have one over him, instead of a wardrobe full of the same set of clothes I have limited myself to one set and one set only, to restrict absolutely any chance of wasting precious brain power on choosing one pair of identical shoes over the other).

The great discoveries of humankind aren’t made by idiots who spend half their time watching the X-Talent. Anyone who is a regular reader of my blog knows that I value Science above and beyond anything. Frankly to make conversation about ANY other subject would be a waste of yours and my time.

This has in the past undoubtedly lead to my somewhat solitary existence. I tolerate fellow academics (at best) and am not above admitting that the number of lovers I have performed upon count less than fifty.

As an aside I find the term ‘lover’ one to be grossly inaccurate, certainly in relation to myself. I love science of course, that is a given. But have never considered myself a ‘lover’ of women. I prefer any partners I take to think of me more as their ‘sexer’ – a far more appropriate, and accurate description.

So anyone wishing to hear me pass comment on politics, sports events or popular culture – I can be no help – I have nothing to bring to the table on any of the above. However, should you wish to tell me, for example that – the human eye blinks an average of 4,200,000 times a year, well then there we have a subject matter I can engage in!

Ah science, my wonderful muse…


The Science of Sleep – Day 1

April 13, 2009


Sleep. We all do it? But why? We all stay up late – trying to avoid the call of bed for as long as possible. And then come the morning, have to fight our very bodies, to leave bed. This is why for a number of years now I have slept standing up, held in place by a┬áseries of straps.

I am however, a very busy man, and in an effort to maximise my time effectively, have decided to give up on sleep altogether. I am certain that any rest my body requires can be achieved in the moments when I blink. Whilst I am not looking then to increase my blink rate, I theorise that over the course of a 24hr period I will accumulate up to 7 and a half minutes of quality rest time.

I shall be keeping a daily record here of my progress – but fully expect by the end of the week to have revolutionised how we humans look at sleeping and it’s purpose.


I feel very awake, with no adverse side effects.