CONGRATULATIONS – You’re our 3,000th Reader!!!!

I may be getting a bit ahead of myself here – but I thought a pre-emptive post may be the best course of action. This is not to say that  then this will be hopelessly out dated in a matter of weeks, but perhaps you can take small pleasure in the thought that you reading this now – are indeed the 3,000th visitor to this blog. Here you may find my various musings on all things science related – and occasionally not (although don’t call me a ‘social’ scientist) I do however consider myself an authority on many aspects of the Human condition, and I am almost 42.3% certain – that should you have a question relating to virtually any subject matter – you may just find the answers here.

I have been asked though, to stipulate that, The Human Institute, in no way whatsoever – is affiliated to either this site, or the opinions and ideas contained here within.

Indeed, I myself, cannot be held responsible for any of my experiments, theories and formulas.

And  before anyone goes poking their nose around asking – that whole mess last year with the rabid donkey and the centrifugal compressor has already been explained at length to the police – and various animal rights authorities. We just don’t know how it got in…


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