Tell me why I don’t like Tuesdays…

Previous reader’s of my blog will be well aware of my frustration at the alarming inconsistencies in our current calendar and how obviously flawed it is. I have on a number of occasions approached Greenwich with my model for a new calendar and time system and have always been met with rejection. Even if the rest of the world have yet to embrace my model however, I have now for a number of Humonths been living my life accordingly, although this has resulted in my lecture timetable being somewhat erratic – and the tardiness of my students quite unacceptable when I am there in the lecture theatre prompt at 3.17am and no one else is to begin their day.

What I would put forward here is an idea of the radical thinking I am proposing, with the hope that my faithful readership might at least start to follow. As it is some of you then may be surprised to learn that I have long stopped recognising Tuesday as an offical ‘day’. The rational is straight forward enough, not least the preposterous idea that there should be an odd number of days in the week. In this respect Tuesday is obviously the most flawed day – and thus the most obvious to eliminate altogether.

I am often told that people don’t like Mondays. Well a week has to start somewhere so my feeling is just deal with it. At the same time a week should have a middle and Wednesday serves that purpose at best quite adequately (although I have always felt Sunday would do a better job). Thursdays are close enough to the weekend for you to start dismissing the week as over, and I regularly skip the Institute altogether on a Friday as my head is already in it’s ‘weekend’ space by Thursday night and is of no use to anyone.

So as you can see, Tuesday just sits there, a little bit at the beginning of the week, and a little bit in the middle, prolonging the working week, when we’d all be happier that much closer to the weekend (starting on Thursday night). It is with this rational that I stopped  recognising Tuesday’s some time back – but which  now of course means my head starts to turn towards the weekend at a much earlier point – around Wednesday at 1738, and I switch off for the weekend. Which does bring to mind why I am here telling you this during the middle of my four-day weekend. I’m off to the local swimming baths, they turn the wave machines on in half an hour….



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One Response to “Tell me why I don’t like Tuesdays…”

  1. dressingmyself Says:

    I’ve never liked Tuesdays, but for a slightly different reason. Here is the way my mind looks at each day of the week:
    Sunday – day of rest. hurrah.
    Monday – start of a new week. full of optimism that things will be better
    Tuesday – things have not got better. depressed.
    Wednesday – hurrah! half way through
    Thursday – Top of the Pops tonight. I have not watched TOTP for about 30 years, but I still feel happy on Thursdays. I know it’s stupid.
    Friday – Well, it’s Friday, what more do you want!
    Saturday – Fun.

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