I twitter, therefore I am… (Professor Charles Human)

I’ve done it! I’ve joined the twentieth century and am officially a twitterer-er. If any of you want to “follow” me (and if you’re in any way curious about yourself, please do – just not physically, I am armed) then you will find me @professorhuman.

After some initial scepticism (I was led to believe it involved hanging around car parks, naked), I thought I’d give this new social phenomenon a go – especially after I got wind that Winston was thinking of becoming a user. He’s always trying to get ahead of me and will try anything to get the upper hand: even if it does involve visiting his nearest NCP in the buff. So I thought I’d beat him to it! (by joining up, not stripping off)

I’ll be honest, I’m still not entirely sure how twitter/tweets/twatting works – a student tried to explain it to me as being a cross between faxbook, S&M and face-texting. But I think they got the hint I was bored out of my cranium when I glazed over and reached for the Bourbon. They then massively simplified it for me as essentially being a great opportunity to self-publicise myself using bite-sized ‘factoids’. Once they had clarified this further, I couldn’t refuse the chance to spread my knowledge instantly with the masses and hastily signed up.

So stand back fellow tweets, here I come! Or rather, here I tweet! No, that sounds absurd – what I said first.


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