There is no ME in team!


What does it mean – team work? For many of us in our working lives we will have to form part of a ‘team’ with which to achieve the job set out before us. In some areas of industry and service we can more readily see this practice and the practical application it has. After all how can we achieve anything if we don’t all work together. This doesn’t necessarily mean however that the working team need be particularly harmonious. Sometimes great achievement and invention can come out of creative friction, when all parties have the interests of the end product best in mind.

There have been many successful partnerships over the years. I think to Crick and Watson, Cannon and Ball, and, well, the other ones.

I however, have always stood apart from the rest – I find there is very little that others can teach me, or indeed that I can’t figure out on my own – this is the reason that under the legal eyes of the law I ‘can’t drive’. But I have been happily getting around ever since as a thirteen year old boy I taught myself how in my first car, much as I still enjoying learning things in my 43rd.

And it is no different in my own very singular devotion towards science. Of course in the laboratory I may well work with others, but I never look upon them as equals. If I had to give you an analogy, I shan’t.

What has really got my blood boiling this week is the accusations levelled that this very blog, might be the end product of some kind of collboration between two minds, rather than my own, again of which we dismiss as utter nonsense.


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