TIME to draw things to a close


So at the end of the week – have I been able to rectify my time issue at all? Truth be told I learnt absolutely nothing from our brief history lesson on Sir Martin Marion Hilary. Ironically, what an utter ‘waste of time’ that turned out to be!

On a more positive note – since so many of my responsibilities were clashing, and distracted as I was by this weeks series of daily blog updates, I have found myself being variously suspended or ‘let go’ from a number of them. So in the end it’s all worked out rather well, much like Alexander Fleming leaving a petri dish by his window sill and returning only to have discovered he’d accidentally invented penicillin, I have found by actually doing nothing whatsoever, everything has resolved itself.

In fact I find myself now at something of a loss as to what to do, now I have all this extra free time. With this in mind if anyone would like some ‘free time’, I shall be giving it away all weekend here at the Institute. No students.


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