We have all the TIME in the world….




Bringing you the further adventures of the visionary inventor of time Sir Martin Marion Hilary. Continuing on from yesterday, and the world in chaos with no way to measure or mark time – we find our esteemed hero pitched up in Greenwich, to make his way as a sailor. Fate however, was to deal Sir Martin, an altogether different set of  cards (he wasn’t going to become a sailor)…

Greenwich at the turn of ????, was a peaceful, small glade located in North West London. It was soon bought into question the wisdom of locating a Maritime College so far from the Thames though, and it was quickly and duly moved to the South East banks. They had initially intended to relocate to the Greenwich Peninsula, however the sight was being kept clear for an at the time unspecified venue to be built in celebration of a forthcoming global centenary, of which nobody seemed clear when was.

Rejected by the Maritime College for being too Scottish, Sir Martin was at his lowest ebb. He considered a return North, having experienced the bitter rejection and failure that marked so many that came to London with a head full of dreams.

Had that been the case,  it is often theorized that on the journey home he would have been accosted by bandits, who would have beaten him and robbed him of his meagre possessions. Left for dead in a ditch on a side road, he would have been found by a kindly Samaritan who would have taken him back to his homestead in the sleepy Cotswold town of Evesham. Temporary amnesia bought on by the struggle with the bandits would have seen him start a new life as the kindly stranger in town who would have been embraced as the lost son of a local resident –  the townfolk willing him to be a figure to reunite a community broken from loss of too many of it’s own in the Crimean War (unusual only in that the Crimean War was still some 150 years from having happened). Still eventually the goodwill he had generated would eventually be eroded by a mishap with the daughter of the town’s most affluent and influential figure and a herd of pigs. Hounded from the town he would have eventually died from malnutrition had he not been hit by a horse-drawn carriage.

Fortunately of course – this isn’t what happened at all. It is unclear how Sir Martin came upon his concept of time, what he had to gain from it personally. Nothing was written in the history books, there are no records. There is the theory that he couldn’t come up with a credible origin for his invention, that he didn’t now how to get from A to C, and so skipped B entirely! And fortunately that is where we pick up our tale tomorrow…. (to be continued)



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