I really don’t have TIME for this….


As a scientist I am not the kind to become stressed. I can always apply my superior brain to the problem at hand, be it in the workplace or the bed, and deal with the matter quickly and efficiently.

However my time remains very precious. There are any number of commitments that I have to honour in any given week – be they lectures, experiments, writing this blog, personal appearances or bingo nights.

And well quite frankly it is all begining to get a bit too much – there simply isn’t the time available to me to achieve all I wish, and my attempt to try and combine my biology lectures with the bingo have proved disastrous.

I am beginning to suffer what I have diagonsed as the first signs of stress on my body – an occasional flutter of my left ear lobe. With all of this in mind many colleagues have suggested that I should lighten my workload. Not accept every offer that comes my way.

This of course might be what the sensible person would do. But let us not forget I am a scientist. And if I don’t have enough time – then I’ll make some more.

Now devoting my ‘time’ to yet another seemingly fruitless task when I already have so preciously little – might to many seem  somewhat counter-productive – and I admit that I hadn’t really given it much thought, but it hasn’t stopped me before.

I have spent the last twenty four hours studying how we humans measure and draw time. The most obvious place to start of course is with the man who invented time, Sir Martin Marion Hilary….


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