Worrying news from the East


It is with some concern this week – that I get reports from a fellow Scientist and colleague abroad – that they have recently lost contact with a particular ‘special’ research facility located in the Ogasawra Chain of islands to the South of mainland Japan. This island houses a station to examine and study the unusual atomic aberrations that inhabit the preserve. Indeed I have had the pleasure of visiting the research facility on one occasion myself, as a guest of  the UNSC (United Nations Scientific Commitee). They were keen for my input regards the specimens contained on the island, and also to learn more about my research paper into the ideal constitency of biscuit to dunk into hot beverages.

Needless to say, those few days I spent at the facility were and remain highly CLASSIFIED, but I can reveal that the chief scientific officer Dr. Serizawa was suitably pleased with my gift of a packet of chocolate Hob Nobs.

What else I saw I am still not at liberty to disclose, but needless to say nature has not seen such creatures before but that corrupted at the hand of man. (Basically giant insects and a lizard). 

I have kept in touch with the facility in Ogasawra since, from time to time, and thus this break in communication is of some genuine concern. The Scientific staff based there are required to report via protected radio transmission to both the Japanese Government and the UNSC every 12 hours, due to the nature of the unusual aberations that they observe. (The giant insects and lizard). Now many may at least take comfort in the large invisible electro – magnetic field that keeps the island safe from both intruders and anything attempting to leave – however Dr. Serizawa did confide in me a little drunk one evening, that such an invention is clearly ludicrous. He had run out of funding so just told everyone that they had built an ‘invisible’ force field instead. I did always warn him he might come to rue the day he came up with that one…

What can be going on on that ‘monsterous’ island is now as good as anyone’s guess – but I feel the need to heed warning here now on my blog – for all nations, all major cities, all governments of the world to remain on the highest alert. And to the general public at large. To you my dear blog reader. Remain in your homes. Put the kettle on. Make yourself a cup of tea. And dunk a digestive biscuit for no longer than a count of two…


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