No Cure For Cancer? Hardly…


Probably the most pressing concern for many of today’s Doctor’s and Scientists is trying to find a cure for swine – flu. But that shouldn’t distract from the poster child of human diseases – I’m talking of course of Cancer.

The full potency of cancer shouldn’t be dismissed appearing as it does – like a many headed hydra – in a variety of forms, Skin, Breast, Lung, Testicular, Ovarian. This is not a subject I take lightly – we at the Human Institute are dedicated to helping eliminate once and for all this terrible disease. I do however, occasionally call in to question, the wisdom of such an action.

After all – is it  not reasonable to assume that there is a vast industry of people all working towards this one common goal. All gainfully employed in the task of finding a cure. Indeed here at the Human Instiutute we recieve a substantial sum of money each year, that is to go towards the funding, of any research we undertake. I know many of the staff are grateful for the Cappucino maker we were able to install in the research laboratory due to people’s kind donations.

And so what might become of all these people and all this equipment should we achieve our ultimate goal?  I do have my eye on the Cappucino maker for the Human homestead.

However I’m sure I don’t need to spell it out for you.

So I will.

Quite simply there is too much at stake for us to be too successful. I admit to coming close to craking a vaccination on a number of occasions,  and it is with a small pang of regret that I have deliberately sabotaged such results taking myself back to square one. But as I take a sip from my double espresso, I know I am not alone in such practices – it may well be science and medicines secret shame, but a burden we bare with excellent coffee…


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