What’s in a number…


  When Alan Turing first sat down and invented what would become the modern computer he might well have dreamed that eventually programmers would devise a vast social network – call it the World Wide Web – and create an unparallelled source of information and pornography.  

And that emerging from this remarkable tool would be one man.

One HUman. 

A great Scientist. A great thinker. A great lover. A man to join that illustrious lineage that began with the Greek Archimedes sitting in his bath. Saw Da Vinci write his bestselling code. Mocked Newton daydreaming under an apple tree. Laughed at Darwin looking a little green as he leans over the side of the HMS Beagle. Cock blocked Einstein making a pass at Marylin Monroe. Was frightened by David Bellamy using his scary shape shifting abilities to explore the bottom of his garden pond.

All to this point now – and my sharing with you the vast intricacies of my mind made word  for an astonishing 50th blog!

What have we learned along the way?


You can’t trust a clone. The Corrs might be able to write a good tune but they need a scientist to help them with their lyrics. 10% of students can still successfully complete an experiment whilst locked in a laboratory with a wild wolverine. The Sigtun cafe in Hofos, Iceland does a good Hot Chocolate. Never trust an organ grinder’s monkey. I made up the big bang theory with Stephen Hawking for a lark. The Squirrels are organising. My computer is usually located on a desk by a window I’m just not entirely sure which one. I hate badgers.

They may have tried to silence me, they may have pretended I don’t exist. This blog may indeed only have 3 or 4 regular readers. But I toast to you this momentous…moment in Science and computing. There will be a series of celebratory activities taking place all week at the Human Institute to mark the occasion and I  look forward the next opportunity to laud my magnificence.


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