Even doctors get ill…


The few readers that actually take note of this blog – will I doubt, have barely registered there has been no new post placed within the last week. Despite imposing upon myself a weekly deadline – with which to inform you of my latest thoughts and musings on all things science related – instead I find myself falling behind once more.

Nonetheless I will offer forward a reason for my tardiness  (I hesitate to call it an excuse as I am always loathed to use such a term – I never have to make an EXCUSE about ANY of my actions in the name of Science!)

Simply it has been nothing more than the contracting of a flu like virus that has taken it toll on both me and my workload. Before you go jumping to conclusions, it is not of the porcine variety either. I should be so lucky! I have been exposing myself to small concentrated doses of a strain of swine flu for a number of weeks now with the hope of contracting the disease so I might better understand it – with which then to help aid the current global pandemic. Instead all I have managed to do is build up a rather irksome ‘resistence’ to the damned thing – whereas many of my recent social dates have seemingly had no bother in picking it up whatsoever!

The biggest inconvenience though, now that I  finally have taken ill, has been that I have managed to contract something just as we have entered the schools summer break. Eating into my precious free time, had I only fallen sick some two, three weeks ago I could have rode it out over the remainder of the term and been refreshed and ready for the student holidays.

I will not be beaten by any simple ‘virus’ however. I refuse to let it stop me in my daily endeavours. I am taking careful note of the exact number of days this beast keeps me bed-ridden. And upon the start of the new school year in September, will be calling into the Institute and taking ‘healthy leave’ for as long as I feel well.


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