Who do you think you are?!!


I like music as much as the next man. In small doses. Every so often. And I appreciate it may, possibly have some kind of vague medicinal (or at least placebo) qualities for those that feel they need it to cope with certain aspects of life. But when a band comes along and all of a sudden claims to be the undisputed experts in global pandemic viral situations such as the current spread H1N1 strain of flu or “swine flu”, I really do get all hot and bothered!

Yes, I’m not disputing that their music may have had calming and mentally healing effects on their no doubt massive fan base. But what makes “The WHO” believe that they’re also scientific health professionals, I’ll never understand. I’ve heard of Doctor Who and the good work he does around the world but he clearly knows his stuff and has been through the 6 years medical school to earn his qualifications, trust and respect. But these people are musicians for crying out loud!

Day in, day out, everywhere I look, I keep reading about their “recommendations” and “precautionary measures” that we should be following to avoid the spread of this virus.

I haven’t taken the time to listen to ANY of their music but I suppose I can assume they even try to preach such health advice in their lyrics? Maybe someone reading can confirm or dispute this.

But until they provide hard, solid, factual proof that their advice is in anyway useful, I intend to ignore every suggestion they publish. I mean how can we begin to trust the advice of any individual or group who doesn’t even sound sure of their own name?


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