Everyday is like Sunday.


For many the weekend is a time to relax and unwind after a hard week of work (unless of course you find you have the misfortune of being unemployed – then really days all tend to blend into one, the weekend having little meaning other than being two more days where you have failed).

As a busy Scientist I will often put in that little bit more overtime to achieve all that I require of my week – and so it is I find myself sitting here – the evening drawing in – but still at work on what is nominally a Sunday. It is claimed that Sunday reflects the day that ‘God’ himself rested after a busy six days of ‘creating’ the Universe. I do question why a supposedly omnipotent being would need to have a ‘break’. And if the Universe was then created what did he do when he returned back to work the following Monday?

Sunday is effectively a non-day. And as such I have long stopped recognising it as an official part of the human calendar – this is why school terms at the Human Institute are a third shorter than most regular colleges. It takes some time for students to adjust, but I also find it sorts the wheat from the chaff.

One of my many side projects is a complete reworking of the measuring of time and how to record it. I have long suspected that our current calendar is woefully inaccurate and beyond my eliminating ‘Sundays’ from my schedule hope to finalise an age for the Earth – the moment I have completed my formula for the statistical probability of cats landing on their feet when dropped from a succession of increasingly higher points.


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