Attack of the CLONES!!!


It has now been six days since I created a clone of myself.

Since then that clone has made another.

And between the two of them they have made contact with an earlier clone. One  I had made and posted up in the Highlands of Scotland to extricate myself from a very awkward situation.

There are now so many of me running around I have had to decide the collective noun for myself. At the moment I am going with a Bastard of Charles Humans.

I find that tickets for lectures I was looking forward to attending have already been used.

A photoshoot I was due to take part in of pre-eniment scientists of the modern age may look like it features me, but everytime I look at the picture all I can see is the smug smile of one of my clones staring back out at me.

I also now am in posession of an ‘abso’ for anti-social behaviour at the Natural History Museum. I am led to believe that the giant blue whale in the animal gallery has had to be removed from the exhibit till further notice and suitable restoration work can be implemented.

I am going to have to take drastic action before I find myself completely sidelined by my clones….


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