Me and them…


It has now been three days since I decided to clone myself.

In the subsequent days my Clone has gone and created a second.

Having gone from a desire to lighten my workload I now find that I am being sidelined from almost any activity that would involve myself. I have tried to play my clones at their own game. To think like they think.

Now I am worried…

I have recently learnt that they have made contact with No. 3 in Scotland (my decoy clone for my first wife). I absolutely cannot stand the thought that I may have to have sex with that woman again.

My hope is if she finds out what I have been doing for all these years and how I actually palmed her off on a clone she may be too incensed to consider any type of carnal abandon with me. However you don’t know Meredith…


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One Response to “Me and them…”

  1. fraggle Says:

    Ha ha, I think I need to clone myself but I’m not sure the world could cope with two of me 🙂

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