Two heads are better than one….


As you are all aware I am a man of great intellect. I have applied my powerful mind to all manner of scientific practice and invention over the years.

So it isn’t unreasonable then to theorise that any clone of myself would be possessed of the same superior brain. 

I should have seen this coming….

My clone has created another!

I found them both in the kitchen this morning enjoying a filtered black coffee – my morning pick me up of choice. They had neglected to make a third however, and when I came to inspect the coffee jar found it empty. The irony was not lost on me that it had been Clone no. 1 who was supposed to have gone and done the shopping yesterday. I was in danger of the situation spiralling out into some kind of high concept science-fiction comedy farce (were it that I watched such things).

However, initially I had thought, I would embrace this opportunity of having a 2nd clone. It would afford me even more time to private study and recreation and – to be fair – I would have done exactly the same in Clone no. 1’s position.  

Instead I now found myself locked out of my own personal laboratory whilst the two clones claim to be working within. All I can hear is the occasional burst of laughter followed by whispers of hush…


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