The face looks familiar….


The demands on running an institute of Scientific exploration and education can at times be quite exhausting – particularly when one such as myself also commits their time, mind and occasionally body, to so many other pursuits. Even now I found myself with less and less time –  I struggle to keep up with this weekly blog!

So with this in mind it occurred to me the most effective way to go about relieving my current work load was to create a clone of myself. It’s quite a simple process really – in fact I’ve done it once before.  I had found myself in a somewhat awkward marriage of convenience during my last days of University and managed to extricate myself from the situation by creating a clone. They now live in a remote cottage somewhere in the Scottish Highlands, and Number 3 reports back to me at twice yearly intervals.

I put the new Clone to work immediately this week, deciding which tasks I didn’t really want to do myself. There was some protest – he reasoned (quite well I might add) that gifted with the same intellect as myself, he could be put to much better use elsewhere. I  had to remain staunch, aware of what a clever individual I am, I couldn’t let the clone trick me into using him for anything other than the purpose he was grown.

I have however taken to keeping him outside as I find his overall air of superiority quite irritating…..


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