Don’t PANIC!


Exam season is upon us once more here at the Human Institute. Many of my students have expressed to me how stressful this period can be for them.  Intrigued by this, and the affects it may have on their exam results, I have set about implementing a number of scenarios to heighten their stress levels even more.

I started simply enough earlier this week. During work in the laboratories – whilst my students were preoccupied with a particularly difficult chemistry experiment, I took the opportunity to slip out of the classroom, whilst one of my assistants released a wild wolverine into the class and locked the door.

Amazingly out of the thirty students locked in, three of them still managed to successfully complete the experiment, and casualities were minimal.

As a side note, however, for all students reading this – the wolverine has proved to be more tenacious than we had expected, and thus for the remainder of the term Chemistry Rm 5B is strictly off limits.


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