The Science of Sleep – Day 6?!


All this week, Professor Charles Human is going without sleep to measure and observe the effects on the Human body. I am (er….) I mean he is recording the results on a day-to-day basis here in my his blog.



I find myself refreshed this morning and suffering no adverse side affects.  

There are some holes in my data (which I am actually having difficulty placing at the moment – I can’t think where it’s gone). I am missing the last 24 hours completely and have no memory of where I was or what I was doing – frustrating only in that I wonder what sleep deprivation experiment led me to where I am now.

I also appear to be carrying about someone else’s wallet, and my passport, whilst still carrying my photo – is now under the name Stephanie Quatermass.

So ultimately have I learnt anything about the affect of sleep or lack thereof on the Human body?

 I am still not entirely convinced that sleep actually serves any purpose – much like any trend I suspect future generations will laugh at the way we used to ‘close our eyes and not move for extended periods of time’ – wasting away tens, if not hundreds, of hours doing ‘nothing’.

I for one mark the experiement inconclusive pending further tests, and plan to take it next to the classroom. All students at the Human Institute, are now to be lectured 24hrs a day, and I expect the efficency in turning over newly qualified scientists to increase expotenially.

In the meantime if someone is able to provide me with transport or indeed airfare back to the United Kingdom that would be greatly appreciated. I can be found at the Sigtun cafe, Hofos in the Skagafjardharsysla region of Iceland. I am the man in the Smurf costume.


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One Response to “The Science of Sleep – Day 6?!”

  1. encyclotalk Says:

    You got it right Sir, “sleep is nothing more than a slice of death”, according to one of the villians in JOURNEY TO THE CENTRE OF THE EARTH. Perhaps you could submit a request for airfare from Virgin Airlines; mad dogs and englishmen always stick together on their way. Do you know a shorter road to Delhi, or should I take the train?

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