The Science of Sleep – Day 3


All this week, Professor Charles Human is going without sleep to measure and observe the effects on the Human body. I am (er….) I mean he is recording the results on a day-to-day basis here in my his blog.


As of this evening, and approaching 72 hours without sleep,  I am feeling no adverse side affects.

Today I took it upon myself to test my reflexes and reaction time  in certain scenarios to see if any of them had been blunted through lack of sleep. The first was basic motoring skills. Anyone who has ever driven a car will know it requires a number of different disciplines and a heightened awareness of your surroundings to safely negotiate the countries roads, whilst at the wheel of an automobile.

So with this in mind, I took a journey along one of the busier intersections of the London roadways, driving round Hyde Park Corner, Park Lane and up the Edgeware road. It encourages me that the general public are so behind the work of great scientists that I found myself being regularly honked at by other drivers, urging me on! I completed the journey in what for me was a personal driving best, although I did have a 38 second blink at one point, and many of the traffic lights were clearly malfunctioning, displaying a strange orange yellow glow that I chose to ignore and proceed through despite of.

On a more physiological level, I feel a strange blackness occasionally swirlling round the outer perimeter of my vision, and my brain feels like it is swimming in a pool of yoghurt. I did have 11 cups of coffee this morning however, so may be an entirely unrelated penguin.


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