The Science of Sleep – Day 2


All this week, Professor Charles Human is going without sleep to measure and observe the effects on the Human body. I am (er….) I mean he is recording the results on a day-to-day basis here in my his blog.


This morning I passed the 24hr mark in my quest to go an entire week without sleep. I am feeling no adverse side effects. In fact increasingly, I have to wonder, with all of the work I have managed to achieve since I started, why I ever bothered sleeping at all.

My motor skills are still sharp, and my mind focused. I have spent the majority of this morning being observed by some of my students going about basic tasks – I invited them into the Human residence (my home) as I went about my day, to see first hand what a man who had been awake for 24hrs looks like. I can’t pretend that my daily routine is one of a normal everyday citizen, and some of my students may indeed have been a little taken aback by some of my more obvious ‘idiosyncrasies’ – I haven’t bathed without help since I was a small child, and I am certainly not about to start.

 Still, the field trip was a success, and I anticipate the results to make some fascinating reading when I correlate all of my data together. As the midnight hour approaches, and I look to my watch, I am drawing towards the 36hr mark. I find myself frustrated that the rest of the country doesn’t work to a 24hr clock as well and so have called an impromtu lecture for all of my students for 0300 this morning.


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