The Science of Sleep – Day 1


Sleep. We all do it? But why? We all stay up late – trying to avoid the call of bed for as long as possible. And then come the morning, have to fight our very bodies, to leave bed. This is why for a number of years now I have slept standing up, held in place by a series of straps.

I am however, a very busy man, and in an effort to maximise my time effectively, have decided to give up on sleep altogether. I am certain that any rest my body requires can be achieved in the moments when I blink. Whilst I am not looking then to increase my blink rate, I theorise that over the course of a 24hr period I will accumulate up to 7 and a half minutes of quality rest time.

I shall be keeping a daily record here of my progress – but fully expect by the end of the week to have revolutionised how we humans look at sleeping and it’s purpose.


I feel very awake, with no adverse side effects.


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