You DON’T have to be mad to work here!


As most of you will know I am a man who deals in hard science. There is nothing more important to me than the facts. I have devoted my life to learning and then teaching others – so I find little time, to fill up my precious brain space,with unnecessary information of the like you find in works of fiction, or the name of the woman I am currently having sexual intercourse with.

I was however this week asked to prepare a paper for the institute news letter on the relationship between Science and Science Fiction. This  took me a matter of moments – I was only to happy to return an article by myself that said;


This seemingly didn’t go over too well with the editorial staff. And so I find myself surrounded by various ‘books’ (and I use that in the loosest of terms – in so much as they are made up of ‘pages’ and ‘text’ and held together by a ‘glue based resin’ along a ‘spine’) by what I am told are such luminaries in the world of ‘Science’ Fiction. Names such as HG Wells, Isaac Asimov, Phillip K. Dick and JK Rowling.

Most of what they pass of as ‘pseudo’-science is absolute rot and often appalingly inaccurate. It was with disdain, I read one book – a ‘Jurassic Park’ by a Michael Crichton – that posited the idea that science had bought back from extinction, Dinosaurs, that were then paraded around for the general public in an amusement park, located on a remote tropical island! I gave up, exasperated, before I had even got past the preface.

The most erroneous trend I have found running through much of Science Fiction, and quite a common staple it would seem is the figure of the ‘Mad Scientist’. Well of course this is clearly a ludicrous figure.  In the grips of actual dementia  you’d  struggle to light a Bunsen burner, let alone create a new life from discarded body parts.

But then I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. Much of this I am sure stems from a jealousy on behalf of the authors who clearly failed academically at school, and so incensed they must be to see the likes of I actually helping and aiding mankind to a greater understanding of the universe, can do no more than pettily resort to writing pictures of scientists as crazy, superior, control freaks who like to play God.  

Well the joke is on them – there is no God. Only Science!


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