NOW have I got your attention?

babes_oct07_jenn_00It makes me weary to think that I have had to resort to such measures just to get your attention. But I admit to being somewhat tired and a touch irritable as I sit down to write this. Knowing once more that my words will fall on deaf eyes. A recent inspection of my ‘stats’ informs me that to date my Humanology blog has only been viewed 200 times in the three years that I have been posting (although to be fair there were a few months where I couldn’t really be bothered with it either).

I had, perhaps rather naively, thought that the best way to share my scientific knowledge and expertise – wasn’t to go down the more obvious routes used my many of my contemporaries, such as producing a television programme, or publishing a book. Rather I recognised that there could be something in this World Web Interweb, and despite many advising otherwise, thought that here finally my voice would be read.

The irony of course is I don’t actually have anything to tell you at the moment so you could indeed ignore this blog entirely.

But let me ask you this. When the Earth is threatened by a giant meteor, who do you turn to (after deep sea drillers)?When the machines rise up and turn against their human creators, who is it that can help? (Although to be fair it will be a science that develops the artificial intelligence that allows robots to kill). When the apes evolve to the point where we are the savages, how can this be allowed to have happened? Have you answered Science to all those questions? Do you see…

Still continue down your path of ignorance, read that rubbish Dawkings passes off his his own work (it isn’t, it’s mine). And remember next time you dunk your biscuit in a cup of tea. And keep it there just ever too long. So when you pull it out it half of it, now sits at the bottom of your mug, or drops like so much mush onto your shirt. Remember there are great minds toiling away in laboratories up and down this country, even now, spending millions of pounds of the tax payers money, so the exact consistency and length a biscuit should be held, can be distilled down to a simple mathematical formula – and published in an obscure quarterly journal (to maybe picked up by a national paper on a slow news day). Science – my friend. It begins here…


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