Do Make Me Angry!


Following the recent outburst from some Hollywood actor (Christian Reeve I think, played Superman or something equally absurd), my mind turns to the subject of rage. Was he right to act like this in public? Of course he was.

Anger is an utterly fascinating emotion and I confess, a favourite of mine. I’ve tracked its recorded history as a human sensation from its first instance way back in the year 34 A.D. when biblical mystic man Jesus Christ was reported to have smashed up a market trader’s stall for selling stuff on his Dad’s property, who presumably was a rival businessman. Although, I’m positive that way before this event, whichever Homo Sapien it was who discovered fire must’ve been pretty peeved when he first burnt himself.

Anger, wrath, rage, fury! The very words themselves seem to be shouting off the screen as I write them. Powerful stuff. I love to have good bellow at the bathroom mirror every morning. At least I hope it’s a mirror – if not, there’s a very angry chap next door who keeps shouting at me through his window.

The immediate venting of deeply innate anger like this is actually very healthy and I heartily recommend on it a scientific level, whatever the trigger – be it another road user cutting me up, my housekeeper not untying my shoelaces, another stupid bird flying into my study window, priests etc. etc…

Under-brewed tea, fiction, dentists, articles contradicting Darwinian theory, rejection letters from New Scientist, disability, the Welsh, badgers obviously, untrained monkeys, the number 23 for some reason and Harry Secombe (although to be fair not so much since his death).

So next time someone annoys the faecal matter out of you, pause, take a deep breath, look them straight in the eyes and do your utmost to shout them into next week! Go on, try it. I just have, at my postman – more junk-mail!


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