What’s in a (stolen) name?


Regular readers of my blog may have noticed a slight change in the last few days. If however you haven’t been here before, and indeed these are the very first time you have read any of my words (in whatever order you choose) then you would be as well to ignore this blog entry entirely.

Up until recent the title for this blog was BEING HUMAN. One I felt perfectly struck at the heart of everything I do. Indeed I had intended to structure a six part scientific series for the BBC, presented by myself, going out on Tuesday nights, at 9pm, on BBC 2 (and then available for download for a week on the BBC iplayer) entitled Being Human.

Imagine my surprise then to now find that this title has been stolen by the BBC – and to make matters worse it has been used to title some poppycock about a vampire, werewolf and ghost all living together in a house in Bristol! As you can imagine I was beside myself. A stern letter was sent asking that the BBC cease and desist from using such a title (I even, in a show of grace offered them some alternative titles of my own invention, including The Ghost, The Werewolf & The Vampire who live in a house in Bristol, Supernatural Scary Somerset and simply Being Stupid) but alas I have heard nothing. However undeterred I took this as an opportunity to look at my work and reflect on how best to communicate to you my dear reader (not you new ones) my work and philosophy.

As most of you are aware, I am a professor of science. And occasionally a professor of love. I was also once a professor of biscuits but really that’s for another time. Now of course science can be quite an all encompassing monikor – what is it that I’m REALLY about? Well it would be imodest of me to claim expertise in all areas of science, in fairness I detest the periodic table.

But I suppose if you had to pinpont one particular ventricle of science that I am preeminent in, it would be the Human body itself. You. Me. Him over there looking at you. Them. Us. And everyone else. Indeed many have said it was fate, finding myself studying the Human body, fascinated by the Human condition, entranced by the Human mind – they would point to my name, but really I saw it had little to do with being called Charles.

And so I have set out to make it my life’s work, to chart and study Human beings, to write a new chapter in the big book of Science. The first chapter. A chapter I simply call HUMANOLOGY. Won’t you enter?


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