Science IS elitist!

What happens when ordinary people meddle with science!

What happens when ordinary people meddle with science!

Despite my best efforts to bring a little knowledge to the great unwashed (that’s you), a recent survey has shown most people feel that science is remote, elitist and irrelevant to their daily lives. Now I read that the government is launching a campaign entitled; Science [So What? So Everything] to be run by the Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills (Dius).

According to the Science Minister, Lord Drayson, “Continued success in science and technology is vital to our future – and yet there is still a perception among many of our people that science is too clever for them or elitist in some way”.

Now while I applaud the notion of bringing Science to the front (well page 7) of the newspapers, I do believe it’s important we make some sort of distinction here between us Scientists and ordinary people – after all we don’t want everybody having a ‘go’.

It was only last year that I took a proposal to the BBC for a six part TV Series, to be hosted by me, entitled (as this column) BEING HUMAN with Professor Charles Human (a title I insisted on use in its entirety when referring to the show) – I was however turned away at the reception desk, and subsequent letters of protest to the BBC for their small-mindedness and Neanderthal like thinking, only prompted further rebuke as follows – which I have taken to reproduce here in part, for you my dear reader.

Dear Doctor (Sic) Human,

Thank you for your many kind letters to us here at the BBC, regards your submission for a new strand of science programming entitled Being Human. We are however currently engaged, and have been now for a number of years, in a very similar strand of popular scientific entertainment documentaries hosted by Doctor Sir Robert Winston, and at this time do not feel our schedules would support two programmes of such a similar nature.

We thank you again however for your correspondence and hope that we may be able to engage your services in another capacity sometime in the future.

Kind regards,

Lord John Reith (FOUNDER)

Well really – can you not understand the general public’s antipathy if all of their learning is left in the hands of a hack like Winston! I’m not even convinced that’s an actual moustache!

It is important that science’s message gets out there – and for as long as the BBC keep me muffled (although they were partly good to their word – I was offered a position on the judging panel for ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ An offer I had to politely decline due to an unfortunate personal incident with Bruce Forsyth). I shall continue to keep the exciting world of science alive here within my blog! But let’s leave it to the experts shall we…


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