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Wanted: Test subjects

October 5, 2008

Are you free, bored, unemployed, bemused, mentally broken, utterly dejected?

Would you be interested in helping me further my scientific voyage of discovery and cross new boundaries of fact analysis?

Then you might just be what I’m looking for!*

We here at the Human Institute are always interested in hearing from potential test subjects for the abundance of experiments we have planned. Subjects who wouldn’t mind being prodded, injected, touched (not in that way), examined, mocked, laughed at generally, shoved, forced to interact with people and/or animals they dislike or even fear, shoved again, emotionally bullied – all for the cause of scientific advancement. 

So, if this sounds like it’s right up your cul-de-sac, why not get in touch through this blog? I’m always here 24-7 for questions, queries and enquiries. Or if I’m not (Tuesdays, for example), one of my assistants most definitely will be, if they haven’t resigned (again!) that is.

Blog me today!

Yours sinsciencelly,

Professor Charles – “The Proff!” (a nickname I’ve just this minute coined, feel free to use it. Please)

* Professor Human & Associates can and will not guarantee that you are “what they are looking for” and reserve the right to end such an agreement at any time without warning or emotion.