Time to address the ‘real’ problem…


Sir David King, the UK Government’s Chief Scientist has recently advised ministers that badgers should be killed to prevent the spread of bTB (Bovine Tuberculosis Badness) among cattle.

Now I have always had little time for the ‘badger’, I suspect some of my distrust of the animal extends in part to its name. Or rather ‘part’ of its name. ‘BAD’-ger. As in, take away the ‘ger’ and you are left with ‘Bad’. Which is the word ‘bad’, which isn’t good!

I also found him to be a very pompous figure as a child. The Wind in the Willows, such a prepostuourous pack of lies regarding the habits of small woodland creatures (it drove me away from books, not to return for almost ten years) had him walking around on his hind legs, with his little glasses, like he knew everything! So it can be safely assumed that there will be no love lost between me and the ‘badger’. I would care little should they all but disappear, never to be seen again.

Although I would remain suspicious as to where they are… And why they are hiding? But I digress.

King’s report appears to contradict a previous study that said culling badgers would be ineffective. (Much to my disappointment).

What everyone is missing here, is the larger scientific picture.

I was involved some years back in a small experiment to see if cows were susceptible to lung cancer from smoking cigarettes (40 a week, B&H Gold). Now while those results remain inconclusive (by myself at least), I did discover something altogether more startling. Cows are neither as ‘mad’ or ‘stupid’ as other experts may have led you to believe.

Before pointing the finger at other animals (even if they are badgers) just stop to think if, of a morning, you’ve woken up and thought perhaps today, I may not go to work. I may pull what is commonly referred to as a ‘sickie’.

Now apply that thought to cows…

I’ll leave you to draw your own conclusions.

Incidentally, a government consultation regarding the badger cull of more than 47,000 people found that more than 95% of people were opposed to the idea. Well by my Math that still leaves 46,905 people for it! The numbers speak for themselves.


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